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Mac's Vertical Home Lift

Category: Residential Elevators

Mac's Vertical Home Lift can be used indoors and outdoors to vertically transport a wheelchair user or otherwise mobility-impaired person, up and over a low-rise barrier created by stairs, thus creating access to or within the building. A Vertical Platform Lift is an economical and practical answer to stair barriers.

It's easy to operate, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Every safety detail has been carefully designed into Mac's Vertical Lifts, including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, safety barrier and railing, and rolled edges.

The lifts are sturdy enough to lift and lower up to 600 pounds and will accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters. Running on a gear box and chain, the lifts provide a smooth and quiet up and down ride, requiring little maintenance. All mechanics are fully enclosed, yet easy to access through the rear or front of the housing unit. The lifts are completely weatherized and attractively finished in off-white.


  • Warranty: One year warranty on parts against defects
  • Power: Plugs into Household Current 110 volt AC current, by a ½ HP motor
  • Toggle control switches with a tamperproof key lock switch are on a low voltage system, for safe operation
  • Outdoor or Indoor Installation
  • Power drive system is all weather (Lift operates in temperatures from -30 degrees to 120 degrees)
  • Heavy duty worm drive gear box with heavy duty #50 lifting chain
  • 36 inch high side guard rail
  • Manual Back Up - Hand crank for manual operation
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Automatic access ramp and roll stop
  • Non slip platform
  • Space Efficient and Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Weight Capacity - 600 pounds
  • Lifting height: Up to 50 inches for the standard PL-50 model or up to 72 inches on the PL-72. Vertical platform lift must be anchored on a level, 4" thick, 3600 psi reinforced concrete surface or pad.


  • Call-send switches (can be field added)
  • Remote control call/send (can be field added)
  • 90 degree turning platform (see our Mac's Lift Pictures page for a sketch) (must be chosen at time of order - factory added)
  • Battery power (can be field added)
  • Landing gate/platform gate (must be chosen at time of order - factory added)
  • Additional height for lifts up to 72 inches (must be chosen at time of order - factory added)
  • Solid sides (must be chosen at time of order - factory added)
  • Safety pan (Similar to safety features found on many garage door openers, the safety pan is a limiting device to keep the lift from lowering onto any object under the lift) (must be chosen at time of order - factory added)
  • Portable Version (see our Mac's Portable Stage Lift page for more information)
  • ANSI model available (see our Mac's Lift Pictures page for a sketch) The lift when configured with appropriate options can meet the ANSI Al 7.1 Part XX, Section 2100 codes, as it relates to residential applications.
  • Special Requests Welcome

The lift has following safety features for protection of users and the general public.

Safety Devices:

  • Upper and lower limit switches
  • Instant Reverse Motor
  • Powered with 110 volt AC current, by 1/2 HP motor, 6.4 Amp
  • Grounded electrical system
  • Heavy duty worm drive gear box with heavy duty #50 lifting chain
  • Automatic access ramp 36" guard rails on non-enter and exit sides of platform
  • Non-Skid platform and access ramp surface
  • Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Product Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: 600 Ibs

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