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Pronto M71 Rehab

Category: Wheelchair / Power

The InvacareĀ® Pronto M71 power wheelchair with SureStep offers excellent maneuverability and true-mid-wheel-drive performance in a compact, stylish design. With its innovative SureStep technology, the M71 drives smoothly over transitions and thresholds up to two inches while maintaining stability. Another key feature of the M71 is its ability to be disassembled without tools for easy transport. With the Pronto M71, consumers can maneuver safely in and around the home and take it with them wherever they go.

SureStep technology provides optimum traction and stability as the Pronto M71 drives over transitions and thresholds of up to 2 inches or negotiates uneven terrain. The high torque of the motors lifts the front casters to accommodate changes in height for a smooth, less jarring ride over rough surfaces. SureStep technology allows six wheels to remain in contact with the ground to maximize performance, improve stability and enhance comfort for a more controllable power chair.

Features and Benefits:

  • SureStep technology allows for smooth driving over thresholds and transitions up to two inches
  • Compact size and true-mid-wheel drive for the tightest turning radius possible
  • 6 wheels on the ground provide optimum stability
  • Disassembles without the use of tools for easy transport
  • ASBA seat with customized width and depth. Optional adjustable height arms for added comfort

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Product Specifications

  • Incline Capability:
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Turning Radius: 19.5" overall turning radius
  • Charger: 3 amp (on-board)
  • Maximum Speed: 4 mph
  • Limited Warranties: -
  • Base Frame: 60 months
  • Seat Frame: 36 months
  • Electronics: 12 months
  • Motor/Gearbox: 12 months
  • Batteries: 6 months

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